HCAH presents Symposium on future of Patient Care in India | Date: 19th JAN 2018, FRIDAY | Location: SOFITEL, BKC, MUMBAI

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Home healthcare is the answer

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Home Healthcare addresses some key challenges faced by hospitals. It requires 90% lesser capex investment compared to hospitals along with timeframe advantage of 33% breakeven. Moreover, Home Healthcare’s go to market time from concept of hospitals is about 8% with an optimal resource allocation i.e. majority of patient requirements can be met by nurses.

Long term healthcare costs are reduced to 10% as compared to hospitals. Clinical safety speeds up patient recovery due to almost zero cross infections and lower re-admission rates. The advantages viewed from the patients’ side are –

  1. One-to-one care
  2. Patient confidentiality maintained
  3. Eliminates travelling and waiting time
  4. Service delivery at more locations many of which can’t be reached by Hospitals at all

Value add through creation
The entire ecosystem at Home Healthcare aims to add value not only through recommendation fee as a percentage of revenue, but also by creating more business, improving customer experience and enhancing brand image.

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