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With spiraling healthcare cost and rising claim ratios, homecare provides a sustainable model for reducing costs for patients, healthcare providers and insurance companies. Evidence shows health outcomes improve when care is provided at home. Outcomes like readmission rates, survival rates, quality of life, even infection rates. And that’s exactly what our trends suggest. Our clinical outcomes have proven to be at par, or better, than hospitals at costs which are 20-50% lower.

HealthCare atHome (HCAH) is one of the leading and credible providers in insurance programs. We are registered with ROHINI (Registry of Hospitals in Network of Insurance), Insurance Information Bureau of India, IRDA.

HCAH offers some key services for insurance companies which include:

Service Description Benefit
Pre Policy Health Check Sample collection from home Credible reporting for better underwriting, Better customer assessment, Increased efficiency, Faster TAT
Post Policy Health Check Sample collection from home Early detection of ailments and risk profiling, Better customer assessment, Low drop out
Chronic Disease Management Diabetes, Hypertension, etc Delay/prevent claims
Disease counselling and education Diabetes, Hypertension, etc Delay/prevent claims, Right economics
Strategic program design for top claims in India Maternity, Cardiac, Cancer, Critical care, Infectious diseases, post-operative care etc Right economics
ALOS reduction Bring patient home from hospital Right economics, Convenience and comfort of home, Less chances of infection and readmission, personalised treatments

HCAH reduces direct as well as indirect costs by reducing ALOS in hospitals as well as through tie-ups with pharma companies. Such tie-ups enable inclusion of services along with the medicine costs. At the hospitals, our efforts bring out significant cost savings.

A major focus of our cost reduction efforts are channelled towards reducing hospital re-admissions. Re-admission lead to 2x costs not just monetarily, but also dents the hospital’s image and increases patient dissatisfaction. About 5 to 8% of overall hospital re-admission rates can be reduced simply by taking proper care in the post-operative period.

Our strength is customizable and easily scalable process.

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HealthCare atHome is a joint venture between the Burman family, the promoters of Dabur and founders of Health Care At Home, UK.